About Us

What We're About

Enlighten Edu empowers people by providing quality EduTech solutions for students, tutoring companies, schools, and teachers with the aim of creating a society that is confident in Mathematics and Science regardless of their background, race, gender or age.

We are pioneering the next generation of Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) leaders that actively participate in the global knowledge economy by developing and providing high quality technology products and services by:

  • Developing customised education technology solutions

  • Developing a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship with our products

  • Improve the unemployment rate in SA by providing a market place and tutoring platform for unemployed youth.

  • Providing continuous support to ensure our products remain user friendly

Our Founding Story

Ms Hotele is a visionary, problem solver and innovator. She was born and raised in Vaalbank, a small village near Lady Frere in the Eastern Cape. She did not have a mathematics and physical science teacher for most of her high school. Upon graduating BSc Computer Science cum laude from the university of Fort Hare, she founded Enlighten Edu to ensure that no learner goes through what she went through.

She is the Founder and Managing Director of Enlighten Tech, a technology company that provides EduTech and IoT products to strengthen the education system in SA and promote entrepreneurship in STEM. Her company aims to use technology as a vehicle to improve education, unemployment and safety of women and kids through IoT.

Her technical background is in project management, product development, technology innovation and spearheading socio-economic initiatives to improve entrepreneurship and innovation in rural areas. She is passionate about the inclusion of women in STEM and thus founded #BreakingTheStereotype, a non-profit organization whose aim is to motivate girls to take up maths and science in high school, encourage students studying science and engineering at institutions of higher learning and support science and engineering professionals.

She has  received a number of awards such as: Mail&Guardian’s 200 Young South Africans, News24 100 young Mandelas, top inspiring women in ICT, NYDA trailblazer, won the Accenture Rising Star Award in the ICT and acknowledged by Inside Education as one of the 100 Shining Stars in Science.

Apiwe Hotele
Founder and Managing Director - Enlighten Edu

What Makes Enlighten Edu Different?

  • Single Platform

    We ensure that students use a single platform for learning as opposed to using many platforms (i.e. Zoom for classroom, WhatsApp for chat, etc.)

  • Specialist Technology

    Our specialist web-app handles scheduling, matching and all other administrative tasks allowing tutors to focus on assisting students, gain insight on the challenges students face and deduce focus areas by using the diagnostic and analytics features.

  • Fun Motivation Techniques

    We ensure that students are kept motivated and encouraged using our gamification feature.