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Enlighten Edu is a comprehensive multi-service platform for learning, allowing you to participate in live sessions, complete assignments and chat directly with tutors on our unique platform. 

We have exceptional tutors for the following subjects:


Grade 4 - 12

Physical Science

Grade 10 - 12

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Live video, audio and whiteboard

Get live video and audio sessions with skilled professionals.

Analytic Monitoring

Get individual recommendations on how to improve your problem solving skills from our analytical monitoring of your progress.


Complete homework and assignments on the platform. The assignments are later uploaded and shared with your peers for revision.


Stay motivated with our fun game-design approach.


Get extensive reports about your progress with downloadable pdfs to clearly highlight the areas that you struggle with in the syllabus.

The reports will help inform your tutor about these challenges, and your tutor will help you to overcome these challenges.

You matter

You don’t need to worry about being overlooked due to full classrooms, busy teachers and people who can’t identify your individual needs. 

Give your parents the ability to see your progress before your report card is sent and get results that are measurable and make a difference.